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Webinar nameSummary
Explore your career and study options. 
(Webinar 1)
We understand choosing a career can be overwhelming. Learn more about university study options and gain student insight into what it’s really like to study at Federation.
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Your pathway, your future.
(Webinar 2)
Everyone’s career pathway is different. Whether you don’t achieve the ATAR you were hoping for, or you’re returning to study for a career change, we explore pathway options suit you, including TAFE courses available and several fast-track options for gaining entry into university degrees. You'll also hear from a current student about their transition from TAFE to university.
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Student support through scholarships, bursaries and grants.
(Webinar 3)
Learn more about financial support opportunities available at Federation University. Discover a range of scholarships and grants including those for high-achievers, students experiencing financial hardship, as well as those moving from a remote area. You will also hear from a current student about how receiving a scholarship has provided new opportunities.
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Visual and fine arts - Preparing your folio and interview tips
(Webinar 4)
Suitable for students studying studio art, art or practising artists looking to apply to the Federation University Arts Academy. Receive valuable advice on folio preparation as well as application submissions, and hear from a current student about what it’s really like to study at our renowned Arts Academy.
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Campus showcase: Mt Helen, Ballarat
(Webinar 5)
Interested in studying in 2020 or 2021 but not sure what’s available at your local Federation campus? Hear about study options, student services and facilities, including our new Sports and Health Precinct at Mt Helen, Ballarat.
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Campus showcase: Berwick
(Webinar 6)
Interested in studying but not sure what’s available at your local Federation campus? Hear about study options, student services and facility highlights at our Berwick campus.
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Bachelor of Arts
(Webinar 8)
Studying a Bachelor of Arts opens up a range of career opportunities. Students develop valuable transferable skills that are highly sought-after in industries such as tourism, communications, museums, government and the media. Learn more about career opportunities and hear from a current student about it’s really like to study at Federation University.
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Study in 2020: Explore mid-year study options
(Webinar 9)
Why wait until 2021 to study when you can start now. Discover which disciplines and courses offer mid-year entry, what scholarships are available and receive tips and advice on application submissions.
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Campus showcase: Churchill, Gippsland
(Webinar 10)
Interested in studying but not sure what’s available at your local Federation campus? Hear about study options, student services and facility highlights at Gippsland Campus at Churchill.  
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Study community and human services
(Webinar 11)
We have a range of courses in community and human services, human services and entrepreneurship and social work. Hear about how you can influence change in communities and lives, and discover the incredible opportunities available to you as a Federation University student.
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Turn your passion for science into a career
(Webinar 12)
Transform the world with a Bachelor of Science and choose from majors including biochemistry, behavioural science, food science and mineral processing.
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Study sport, physical or outdoor education
(Webinar 13)
Achieve your dream of teaching or working in sport or recreating. Learn more about the courses we offer in health and physical education, outdoor and environmental education and sport, physical and outdoor education, along with a range of pathway programs.
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Do you want to be a teacher?
(Webinar 14)
Join us to become part of the next generation of teachers. Discover the scope of programs available (undergraduate and graduate), and hear from a student about their experience at Federation.
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Criminal justice and criminology
(Webinar 15)
Learn more about our Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology and hear from a current criminology student about what it’s really like to study at Federation.
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Study business at Federation Business School
(Webinar 16)
With our Bachelor of Business, you can major in marketing, management, human resource management and even complete a double major, creating a custom degree that will launch your career. You’ll emerge as a confident leader, ready for any challenge.
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Do you want to be a social worker?
(Webinar 17)
Be an advocate for social justice and human rights. Make a real difference to the lives of people in need. Excel in your career in one of the fastest-growing professions. You might be a new graduate looking for a clear career path or an experienced social worker wanting to take the next step in your professional life. Or perhaps you are ready for a career change and want to step into social work.
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Discover your engineering future
(Webinar 18)
Discover the scope of programs available (undergraduate and graduate), and hear from our alumni panel to further explore where an engineering degree can take you.
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Become a registered nurse
(Webinar 19)
Join us to learn how studying a Bachelor of Nursing is delivered through reasoning and evidence-based care to help you improve your patients’ outcomes. Hear from a current student about what it's really like to study at Federation University and experience a virtual tour of our facilities.
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Study international sport management online
(Webinar 20)
Federation University has partnered with the World Academy of Sport to design and deliver a Bachelor of International Sport Management - a 100% online degree, accessible to students anywhere in the world. Join us to learn how you can become an effective sport professional on the national and international stage.
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Impact the real world through research
(Webinar 21)
Become an expert in your field with an honours or research higher degree (PhD or Masters) at Federation University. Hear from an academic about study options, as well as a PhD student who also studied their honours with us.
Secure your future in the world of information technology
(Webinar 22)
IT is an integral element of our lives, it continues to evolve and constantly impacts society. Find out how our comprehensive Bachelor of Information Technology can prepare you for an exciting future in IT. Learn about the incredible career opportunities, as well as majors available within this discipline.
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Campus spotlight: Engineering at our Gippsland Campus
(Webinar 23)
Join a fast-growing global industry with a degree in engineering at our Gippsland Campus. Discover programs available (undergraduate and graduate) and explore why studying in Gippsland is an ideal location.
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Help save lives: Explore a career as a paramedic
(Webinar 24)
Hear from a current paramedic student and a recent graduate on their insights into paramedicine – the challenges, the highlights and their future ambitions.
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Pursue your pathway as a midwife
(Webinar 25)
Caring for pregnant women and their families is a huge responsibility, but one of the most rewarding. Learn how you can become a Federation University graduate, equipped with experience and complex decision-making skills to provide the best care possible.
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Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
(Webinar 26)
Experience a virtual tour of our new Sport and Health Precinct complex, hear from a current student about what it's really like to study at Federation University, and discover what’s unique about our curriculum and graduate outcomes.
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Your pathway to becoming a health and safety professional
(Webinar 27)
Advance your skills and knowledge in workplace health and safety, using evidence-based practice, at an advanced level. Join us to find which graduate study option is right for you.
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Start your career in early education
(Webinar 28)
Our new Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) commences in 2021 and our Master of Teaching (Early Education) is perfect for those looking for a career change. With an incredible range of scholarships available and high demand for teachers, education is a rewarding career that can take you anywhere.
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Electrical and mechanical engineering
(Webinar 29)
Join a fast-growing global industry with a qualification in electrical or mechanical engineering. Explore the options available for an undergraduate degree, postgraduate study or a semester 2 commencement in a funded Graduate Certificate.
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Study psychology
(Webinar 30)

When studying psychology at Federation University, you are a name, not a number. Learn about our course work and range of psychology programs. Hear from our passionate psychology experts and students about the learning experience at Federation University.
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Bachelor of Biomedical Science
(Webinar 31)
Biomedicine is an exciting area that plays a major role in helping people lead healthier lives. In Federation’s Bachelor of Biomedical Science, students learn about the human body and the processes associated with disease. Find out about the wide range of career options available to you at the completion of this degree.
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Bachelor Food and Nutritional Science 
(Webinar 33)
Food and nutritional scientists are in high demand in the food industry to manage operations, develop new and better products and processes. This degree has a focus on the importance of nutrition to human health, and the sociological and cultural issues relating to food. If you enjoy science and are intrigued by the scientific basis of food production and nutrition, this is the ideal study area for you.
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Study physiotherapy or occupational therapy
(Webinar 35)
Hear from academics and students about our new programs in occupational therapy and physiotherapy offered at our Gippsland Campus, and discover a vast range of careers available.
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Make your mark with the Federation MBA
(Webinar 36)
Designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and those with the innate drive to rise up the ladder, Federation University's MBA program gives you the competitive edge to upskill and make your mark. Join this webinar to hear from our academic staff and MBA students, and learn more about our innovative and flexible program.
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Bachelor of Veterinary and Wildlife Science
(Webinar 37)
If you are passionate about animal science, this degree provides an exciting opportunity to focus on animal health and management. Laboratory-based learning is supported by fieldwork at sites such as farming and breeding enterprises, animal health practices and natural habitats with wildlife populations. Hear from a student currently in the program about the hands-on nature of this degree.
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Study performing arts at the Arts Academy
(Webinar 40)
Build on your passion for performing by studying a Bachelor of Performing Arts. Our lecturers will give you an understanding of this highly regarded program as well as share with you exciting careers of our famous graduates. Hear from a current student about what they love most about studying at the Arts Academy, and learn more about the application and audition process.
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Bachelor of Environmental and Conservation Science
(Webinar 41)
Students in this degree learn and build skills and knowledge to address the challenges facing the world’s environment and its natural resources. Find out how you can tailor the program to specialise in areas including wildlife and biodiversity conservation, climate and water, and landscape restoration and management. Our Bachelor of Environmental and Conservation Science has a strong focus on developing job-ready graduates with a head start on the skills and knowledge needed to pursue their environmental career.
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Applying to Federation University
(Webinar 43)
Find out about the application process to study at Federation University. We'll walk you through the steps to make an application and give you the opportunity to ask questions. We're #1 for Student Support in Victoria! 
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Changing careers? What are your options?
(Webinar 44)
There are many options at Federation University for people looking at changing careers. You may have an undergraduate degree and go straight into a Master's course or study an undergraduate degree if you're new to study or looking at upgrading your TAFE qualifications.
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Bachelor of Biotechnology
(Webinar 45)
Our Bachelor of Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary lab-based program where students develop analytical and evaluative skills. Hear from a current student about the strong emphasis on hands-on skill development. Biotechnology is an exciting field of science with important applications in medicine, agriculture and food production.
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Master of Health study options at Federation
(Webinar 46)
Explore existing specialisations in workplace health and safety, leadership and research, as well as new specialisations for 2021 in mental health, neonatal care, health services management, and child and family health nursing. Hear from an academic who will highlight key areas of each specialisation as well as a current student who will provide insight into what it's like to study at Federation University
Watch now >
Bachelor of Geoscience
(Webinar 47)
With our Bachelor of Geoscience degree, you'll learn all about the geology of our planet - the structure, physical history, composition, and dynamic systems.  This course is ideal for those who wish to pursue professional careers in mineral and oil exploration, extractive industries, environmental science, or hydrogeology.
Watch now >
Influence global health systems with a Master of Public Health
(Webinar 48)
With a strong emphasis on research, the Master of Public Health provides professionals from multidisciplinary backgrounds with enhanced skills to pursue a career in public health. Join us to learn more about why our curriculum is so unique, including details about the specialisations offered in second year, as well as graduate outcomes.
Watch now >
Bachelor of Health Science
(Webinar 49)
This newly restructured degree is designed to equip students for careers promoting health and wellbeing in the community. Join us to learn more about why our curriculum is so unique, explore career outcomes and hear from a current student about what it's like to study at Federation University.
Watch now >

Explore Federation’s Aboriginal Education Centre and services
(Webinar 50)

Discover the Aboriginal Education Centre’s strong and vibrant cultural presence across Federation University. Learn about the support services and range of Deadly scholarships available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The session will also give you the opportunity to hear from our current students about their experiences.
Watch now >
Study outdoor and environmental education
(Webinar 51)
If you love the outdoors and want to share this passion with other people our Bachelor of Outdoor and Environmental Education is for you. You will develop leadership and teaching skills so you can inspire future generations to enjoy and care for the natural environment. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to explore alpine areas, rock climb, paddle and bushwalk.
Watch now >
Study for a career in mining
(Webinar 52)
Mining engineers are responsible for planning the safest and most cost effective way of removing minerals from the ground, rivers or the sea bed, and are responsible for protecting conditions for both people and the environment in the vicinity of mines. Hear from our senior mining engineering academic about undergraduate and postgraduate study options.  
Watch now >
Study Accounting - CA, CPA & Tax Practitioners Board accredited
(Webinar 53)
Start your career as a professional accountant with our NEW Bachelor of Professional Accounting course, designed in collaboration with industry. Hear about career opportunities as well as postgraduate study options in professional accounting.
Watch now >
Where can a career in visual arts take you?Join practicing artists and Federation University Arts Academy lecturers Jill Orr, Julie Reed Henderson and Chrissie Smith as they discuss the ins and outs of navigating a career in the visual arts in 2020 and beyond. This informal and open conversation explores the scope of a professional arts practice. The panel will discuss how creative skills are transferrable across different careers beyond their own arts practice.
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Visual and fine arts online folio and interview preparation
(Webinar 54)
Are you applying for visual or fine arts at the Arts Academy? Please join Jimmy Pasakos, lecturer in visual arts, as he walks you through the process of presenting your folio online and what to expect in an online interview. You can also ask questions about our courses and studying at the Arts Academy.
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Support your child through Year 12 and beyond
(Webinar 55)
As a parent you play a vital role in supporting your child through Year 12. Join us to learn more about the strategies and resources you can use to support them during this challenging year. Our psychology staff will discuss setting a life/study balance, stress management and mindfulness for your family. Our academic study support staff will then talk about how to create a supportive environment at home, to assist your child with exam preparation.
Watch now >
Strive for optimum performance with a Master of Strength and Conditioning
(Webinar 56)
Gain the knowledge, skills and practical experience to work as a strength and conditioning coach in a high-performance setting. Hear about why our curriculum is so unique compared to other programs and hear from a current student about what it's like to study strength and conditioning at Federation University.
Watch now >
Lager to ale, porter to stout - hone your craft
(Webinar 57)
Designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the scientific principles and practice of malting and brewing, this program is suitable for both small and larger scale brewers.
Watch now >
Higher Degrees by Research in the arts, creative arts, humanities and social sciences – PhD and masters
(Webinar 58)
Hear from our academics about how we transform lives and enhance communities with research that has regional, national and global impact. Our research programs focus on history, culture, community welfare, and society. Creative research crosses diverse visual, performing and trans-disciplinary arts practice and theory to explore the ways in which art creates meaning, expresses experience and guides our understanding.  
Watch now >
Gain valuable experience through our Industry Placement Program
(Webinar 59)
Take your university degree out of the classroom. Develop new skills and knowledge and help secure your future career, with up to 26 weeks of industry-based experience. Students also receive up to $15,000 in scholarships as part of the program. In this webinar you’ll learn how our staff will help you stand out in the workforce and how our host organisations support the next generation of graduates. Register for the Industry Placement Program webinar today.
Watch now >
Be career-ready. Combine your IT or business course with an IBM scholarship.
(Webinar 60)
Apply for a Bachelor of Information Technology (Professional Practice) or Bachelor of Business and fast-track your career in IT or Business. The Bachelor of Information Technology (Professional Practice) program includes a scholarship worth over $42K and an internship at IBM, a multinational technology company, in Mt Helen, Ballarat. Bachelor of Business students can also apply for the IBM internship which includes a scholarship valued at $42K.
Watch now >

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