Critical incidents

What to do in an emergency

Your safety is our top priority. We have a dedicated Critical incident procedure that outlines how we manage emergency situations for international students.

What is a 'critical incident'?

Essentially, it is any traumatic event that causes (or has the potential to cause) serious physical or psychological harm to an international student. It could include:

  • missing student
  • any fatality or serious injury
  • a serious traffic collision
  • murder or suicide
  • physical / sexual assault or domestic violence
  • severe verbal or psychological aggression
  • fire where property is lost or people are harmed
  • explosion or bomb threat
  • a hold-up or attempted robbery
  • serious threats of violence
  • storms or natural disasters
  • drug or alcohol abuse causing harm to someone.

If an emergency or critical incident happens...

  1. Do not put yourself in unnecessary danger
  2. Call 000 for police, fire services or ambulance
  3. Call +3 61 5327 9446 for International student advisory, or if we can't answer immediately, call 1800 333 732 (1800 FED SEC) - our University 24-hr emergency assistance line. Give these phone numbers to your friends and family, so that if something happens to you, they can talk to us.
  4. We will help guide you on what you need to do next, and what we can do to help. This may include reporting the incident to senior management for extra assistance.