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The Foundation enables students to overcome obstacles that can make university study out of reach.

For some students, regional and remote living, economic disadvantage, and social pressures lead to financial hardships that make study difficult. With your support, students can overcome obstacles that might prevent them from achieving their potential.

Be the difference. Your gift to the Foundation will help students:

  • Access tertiary education
  • Commence their studies
  • Continue after a study break
  • Complete their dream course

"I live in Hamilton, a 4-hour round trip to campus. I travel back and forth with two young children, so this scholarship is enormously helpful to help cover fuel costs associated with the journey". Jessica Anne

Jessica-Anne Hayes

Each student is important to us

With your support, we assist students who are struggling to afford tertiary study, are disadvantaged and unable to access external funding, or find a State or Federal university placement.

Removing these barriers and empowering students is our goal. We can help students achieve their educational goals by providing much needed financial assistance.

Be the difference

You can give a helping hand to students who are experiencing hardship or disadvantage.

Donate today

We offer a range of options within all of our pages, so you can be the difference to disadvantaged students at Federation University. Any level of donation helps and 100% of the money given goes directly to students.