Resources for staff

This section is for staff, students and anyone else who is interested in learning more about our cultural context, and cultural competency in a university context. If you've got a great resource or interesting fact, a case study or method you use to effectively work in a cross-cultural context that you would like to share with others, please get in touch.

Reading and research

Federation's internationalisation of the curriculum webpage - includes some great reading and resources focusing on ensuring that your teaching is relevant, portable and incorporates cultural context.

The Campinha-Bacote Model of Cultural Competence (link to external journal) - a framework that can underpin our work: the idea that cultural competency is a continuum made up of different elements and experiences, rather than an end destination. (Published in Journal of Transcultural Nursing, Vol. 13 No. 3, July 2002)

Face-to-face support

Group cultural competency training

Training sessions available for staff/student groups to book - please just email
Please note a minimum group size of 8, and a maximum of 20 is required for this training.

Introduction to Cultural Competency: 60 - 90 minutes

Look at what culture and cultural competency actually mean; explore the concept of the 'dominant culture'; reflect on the experience of students in a culturally-diverse tertiary education context; self-reflect on your own abilities and practices.

Effective cross-cultural communication (Coming soon)

Explore the role of high/low context and individualist/collectivist culture and how this impacts on our cross-cultural interactions; analyse relevant case studies; and discuss how culture plays out in practice.

Individual staff consultations

If you're encountering any challenges working with students from different cultural backgrounds, want to run an idea past us or have any questions about what we do, please book a chat with us.