Engagement 2020

Establishing partnerships, building relationships

We are a university committed to educational and social equity, to teaching excellence, and to research distinction. Recognised for our open access, student support, and employable qualifications, we are acknowledged for our resource stewardship, commercial enterprise, and for the many domestic and international alliances, connections, partnerships and relationships formed within, across and outside the University.

Engagement 2020 seeks to extend and deepen these qualities. It guides our work to position FedUni as a national leader in university engagement by 2020, and embed 'mutual benefit' or 'mutual value' as a defining characteristic of the University.

Engagement as a strategic commitment

Our activities are guided by five principles: excellence, responsibility, access, respect and engagement. The University’s Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (Strategic Plan) defines ‘engagement’ as being “committed to local, national and international partnerships that are innovative, professional and mutually beneficial” and directs the University to be “productive and effective in forming partnerships and engaging with its communities and regions”.

Further, the Strategic Plan commits the University to achieving “national prominence in educational, industry, community and government engagement” by 2020. Guided by this objective, we will actively pursue partnerships and engagement to enhance and further the University’s education and training, research, knowledge mobilisation, and commercial activities. We will employ the expertise and capabilities of our staff, and the talents and abilities of students and graduates, to extend our community engagement for the mutual benefit of the University, partners, and the communities and societies of which we are a part.