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Fed Uni researcher hopes to strike it lucky at 12-hour tenpin bowling Easter marathon

Posted: Tuesday 30 March 2021

A Federation University Australia researcher is aiming to raise $5,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal by holding a 12-hour tenpin bowling marathon. 

Associate Professor Christopher Mesagno, from the School of Science, Psychology and Sport, will attempt to bowl 75 games in the 12 hours, aiming to better his efforts in 2019 and 2009 where he bowled 63 and 51 games respectively. 

The event will require Associate Professor Mesagno to be in top physical condition and he will draw on his years of research in mental toughness in sport when the fatigue sets in.  

At his 2019 fundraiser, Associate Professor Mesagno suffered severe blisters and bleeding to his fingers and thumbs after about 50 games. He also suffered muscle pain in several parts of his body. 

Associate Professor Mesagno, who has bowled six perfect 300 games, first took up the sport as a 10-year-old in Clearwater Florida, and is a member of the Florida state’s hall of fame for youth bowlers. 

He continued bowling when he relocated to Australia nearly 20 years ago and is well known in Ballarat tenpin bowling circles where he has trained and competed. 

Associate Professor Mesagno is also planning to livestream parts of the fundraiser on Facebook and is encouraging other bowlers and the broader community to donate. 

The bowling marathon kicks off at 9am on Friday April 2 at Zone Bowling, Frankston. 

Donations can be made to Associate Professor Mesagno’s fundraiser page.  

Quotes attributable to Federation University Associate Professor Christopher Mesagno 

“The Royal Children's Hospital relies on the support of the community to ensure it continues to provide world-class care to patients and their families. I’m thrilled to be involved.” 

“I don't know if it's possible to break the 75-games mark because the lanes may not recycle the pins fast enough for me to get the six or seven games completed in an hour that I need, but I can’t wait to try.” 

“I’ve been bowling for 35 years and now, at 45, physical fitness and keeping motivated to push past the pain, is extremely important, especially with my fingers, but also my knees and quads, which were particularly under attack during the last marathon.”  

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