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Federation program offers VCE students a taste of university subjects

Posted: Thursday 15 October 2020

VCE students across Gippsland have the opportunity to complete university subjects while at secondary school as part of a reinvigorated Federation University program.
The Advance to University initiative gives students and their families an insight into university study and the sort of career path they may like to take.
As part of the program, students in years 11 or 12 can elect two first-year university units (one for each semester), which then count as one VCE subject.
These contribute to the students’ ATAR score just as a secondary school subject would and give the students advanced standing if they decide to apply to Federation University after year 12.
If they enrol in a Federation University degree aligned with those units, they can receive credit, or apply for credit if they attend another university.
The program has garnered interest from across Gippsland, with a group of 13 participating students from Lowanna College in Newborough where a dedicated study space has been set up, and a further eight students from Traralgon College.
Through the Advance to University program, students can study paired units in the areas of business, science, humanities, education, health, and engineering and mathematical science. The university units will not incur a Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) debt.
Each unit is delivered via flexible online learning, alongside an on-campus orientation session and on-campus enriched learning experiences each semester, pending the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.
Those interested in participating can access a direct application form from the university website or their school.

Quotes attributable to Federation University Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Duncan Bentley
“As the number one university in Australia for first generation student enrolments, being able to provide students with a taste of the university experience is an important initiative to help them make key decisions about their post-secondary future.”
“We are proud to provide this reinvigorated Advance to University program that will help students realise their career dreams.”

Quotes attributable to Lowanna College Principal Adam Hogan
“We are excited to partner with Federation University on this fantastic initiative, which will support our students to experience university learning and boost their VCE outcomes.”
“The depth and breadth of subject options provided by Federation University for our students, together with the advanced standing opportunity, has created great interest across our student cohort.”
“Early access to university subjects as part of our VCE will provide an invaluable insight into tertiary study for our students. We are confident this will help increase university access and participation in our area, which is fantastic for our students and the future of Gippsland.”

Quotes attributable to Traralgon College Acting Principal Michael Shone
“Traralgon College is looking forward to partnering with Federation University in the implementation of the Advance to University program. We see this as an excellent opportunity for Traralgon students to gain early access to university courses.”
“For the right student, completing a university subject as an integrated part of their VCE studies is a way to fast track entry into a university course while simultaneously gaining VCE credits.”
“Federation University has worked collaboratively with Gippsland secondary schools to develop this opportunity and Traralgon College looks forward to continuing this collaboration in the interests of providing greater access to university studies for all Gippsland students.”

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