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Carbon resource seminar to be held at Gippsland Campus

Posted: Thursday 1 February 2018

Future opportunities for carbon resources in the Latrobe Valley will be a main area of focus at a seminar at Federation University Australia’s Gippsland Campus on Wednesday, 7 February.

Organised by the University and Brown Coal Innovation Australia (BCIA), the seminar will showcase the potential of carbon resources in the region.

Carbon, in the form of brown coal and lignin, has traditionally been used predominately for the production of electricity and, in earlier times for coal briquettes in home heating and for industrial use.

Advances in science has opened up new options for the utilisation of these vast carbon resources. The seminar will showcase some of the potential uses and research into these new technologies and the industry applications within the agriculture, manufacturing, transport, new energy and waste sectors.

An exciting line-up of speakers, including international representatives from the US and Japan, will be presenting the latest advances in research and industrial applications in the carbon space. 

“We are all aware of the impact that closure of power stations in the Latrobe Valley is having on the economy,” Brian Davey, BCIA Chief Executive, said.

“The challenge is to find a way to successfully transition to other industries based on our cheap and reliable carbon resources; whether these are sourced from coal, timber or the paper industry.

“Our objective is to diversify the Latrobe Valley economy to ensure a long term viable manufacturing future based on the Valley’s single most abundant and competitive asset - carbon, even if this does not involve power production. If it does, it’s a bonus.”

Professor Leigh Sullivan, the University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), said the university aimed to assist local industries as they developed a wide range of high value carbon-based commercial products.

“These products include fertilisers, graphene for use in electronics, new energy, railway axles, fuels, polymers, all based on the high quality carbon resources that have underpinned much of the economic growth of our region,” Professor Sullivan said.

“With BCIA, Federation University Australia looks forward to hosting this seminar which will highlight exciting opportunities for the use of our carbon resources to continue to help drive our region’s economy.”

The seminar will be an open forum to highlight the potential of carbon and how it can be developed under a low emissions regime integrated with renewable energy. 

Although free to attend, registration is essential. To find out more and to register, please contact Kirstyn Krausz, BCIA Membership Support Manager, at or phone 03 9653 9601.

Media interviews with presenters can be arranged beforehand.

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