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Stay organised and focused during VCE exams: FedUni academic

Posted: Thursday 2 November 2017

Year Twelve students currently completing VCE exams should keep a sense of perspective during this stressful period, according to a senior Federation University Australia academic.

“Being organised during study time between exams is vital. Organise yourself really well and whatever space you find most comfortable to study in, be in it.  But don’t forget to have some fun between study periods,” Associate Professor Annette Foley, Head of the School of Education, said.

“Remember that there is life after VCE exams. It’s important to understand that life goes on and there are lots of opportunities for extending your education beyond VCE no matter what mark you get.”

Associate Professor Foley said cramming the night before an exam will not necessarily help you.

“Don’t stay up all night swotting because you will be tired and if you are tired you can’t think straight,” she said.

“You should go to bed at a reasonable time. Don’t think the night before you’ll fit it all in your brain.”

Confidence and self-belief also are vital to success.

“At all times, stay calm, focused and confident. When you get in to that exam space, trust yourself, trust what you know and remain calm,” Associate Professor Foley said.

“Look after yourself with healthy food and stay hydrated. The brain cannot function well if it is not rested. At some stage you should put your pen down, put your book down and just relax.”

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