The making and placing of a personal view: questions of place

Anna Farago

FedUni Arts Academy, Faculty of Arts and Education

The making and placing of a personal view: questions of place.

Anna is a Visual Artist whose research is considering the traditions of place and making from a feminist and personal perspective, within a contemporary context. She exhibits her artwork both within art galleries and the natural environment. Through her research, Anna seeks to “challenge viewers’ response to the environment, sustainability, women’s lives and art hierarchies.”

Anna’s research is practice-led, driven by her art making. She chose to study at FedUni because of the reputation of her supervisors in connecting art practice and research approaches. “I feel privileged to be part of a cohort of HDR students with similar points of view who are supported by a committed and interested community of researchers”.

Anna encourages all girls who are interested in a career or studies in the creative arts to absolutely go for it!  “Often parents suggest that being an artist is financially not a good option. My response to that - if you have a passion and desire to make art you will find a way. Postgraduate research is a good way to tap back into the desire which may have not been supported or enabled or prioritised previously.”