Telling a story of corporate social responsibility

Merryn Paynter

Postgraduate student, Federation Business School.

The Organisational Storytelling of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: A Three Company Comparative Study.

We hear a lot now about the social and environmental responsibility of large companies. Many are actively using their annual company reports and stand-alone sustainability reports to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility to the public. But this has not always been the case and Merryn’s research is providing a much needed summary of how such reporting practices have changed over the past 15+ years. Her important PhD work is providing new insights into how organisational storytelling can influence how others understand and interpret this responsibility and company’s self-reported performance. Merryn is passionate about this area of work because “Companies, company stakeholders, socially conscious investors and academics will be able to use my findings to help them to develop a deeper understanding of corporate social responsibility reporting and organisational storytelling.”

Prior to commencing her postgraduate studies, Merryn had 13 years working in the finance and insurance sectors based in both Melbourne and London before becoming a stay-at-home mother. She joined FedUni because of connection she had with her supervisory team and the flexible study arrangements at FedUni have helped her to organise her studies around family life. “I am lucky because I have two great supervisors, but one other thing that FedUni Research Services has done particularly well is to ensure that I feel part of the wider higher degree by research community through hosting a series of workshops and networking events.” Through her postgraduate studies, Merryn has been able to develop strong skills for managing and organising information in her professional life.