Physical activity promotion by physiotherapists

Breanne Kunstler

PhD Student, Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention, Faculty of Health

Physical activity promotion in physiotherapy practice.

People around the world are not doing enough physical activity to achieve long-term health benefits. Physiotherapists see many patients over long periods of time, so they have several opportunities (and the responsibility) to help everyone become more active. However, it is currently unclear how Australian physiotherapists promote physical activity and the contextual factors that make it easier or harder for them to do so.

Brea is interested in applying behaviour change techniques and theory to physiotherapy practice in order to get patients more physically active: “My research is providing a new understanding of how Australian physiotherapists promote physical activity. It will lead to new approaches for the design and implementation of physical activity interventions that Australian physiotherapists can deliver successfully.”

Brea has a professional background as a physiotherapist in a busy Melbourne hospital and has a strong passion for combining research and clinical practice. “I first chose FedUni for my PhD because that was where my supervisors were based. As an off-campus student, I have really valued that there is always someone on campus who recognises me and asks me how I’m going.

Brea’s advice to younger girls/women contemplating undertaking postgraduate research studies is to think about why you want to study and make sure your goals will be met by doing a post-grad research degree. “It’s important to know that post-grad studies can be really flexible, so don’t assume that having a family and a job are barriers, ask FedUni about your options first!