Movement practice and symbolic narrative to explore environmental changes

Georgia Snowball

PhD student, Arts Academy, Faculty of Education and the Arts

Ecological practice: performances as a social and environmental response to the present global condition of the Anthropocene

Georgia is a performance artist who uses movement practice and symbolic narrative to explore environmental changes that affect both people and place. This work reflects regional Victoria as its location, but also has similarities on a larger scale to climate topics such as the weather. She uses a combination of body based site-specific and scholarly enquiry and actively involves audience members as participants in her performance works. Georgia says that her research is impactful because “acknowledging an artistic response to place, through performance making, creates ongoing responsibility to care for the planet and its multispecies inhabitants.”

Georgia lives in a regional area and chose to study at Fed Uni because the supervision offered for her project was at the top of the field in Victoria. “I am given the time and the space to tailor my research in a way that best suits me; I am also supported financially as well as by the research support teams.”

Georgia would advise young women to follow their passion, be confident, enjoy their research and stay organised. “Be proud of your work and present it both within the university and through other conferences and publications nationally and internationally.”