CAD Reporting

CAD Mid year and end of year reporting

The Centre for Academic Development (CAD) releases a midyear and end of year report to provide a summary of activities of the total function, also at times an individual function may also create a separate report of activities.

  End of year reports Mid year reports

Student feedback summary

Transition to online learning

During Semester 1, students in sample courses were surveyed to obtain feedback regarding their experience with transitioning to online learning. This data has been compiled and shared with key stakeholders over the past few months and provides valuable insight into the students’ experience.

The attached info-graphic complements the previously disseminated information by providing a clear and concise summary of both the quantitative and qualitative feedback received. It also includes ideas on how staff can respond to this feedback with practical ideas, learning and teaching resources, and professional development opportunities.

We would like to thank all staff and students who have been involved throughout the feedback and response process, and look forward to working together to find new ways to improve the students experience.

If you have any further recommendations on how the Centre for Academic Development (CAD) can provide additional course support, we recommend speaking with members from your institute support team.