CERG PhD Candidates

CandidatePrincipal SupervisorTopic 
Natalie BransgroveProfessor Joanne PorterNatalie Bransgrove is one of five PhD students as part of the Deliver project.  Natalie’s project aim is to improve healthcare at home for older people living in regional and rural areas using a mixed method approach. 
Nicole CoombsProfessor Joanne PorterNicole's PhD is investigating public health messagesprovided by emergency nurses during disasters in Australia 
Megan JacksonProfessor Joanne Porter

Meg is undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) exploring the lived experience of emergency department nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paul KemelProfessor Joanne PorterPaul's PhD is looking into the impact that sport participation has on recovery following environmental trauma. 
Elizabeth MillerProfessor Joanne PorterElizabeth's PhD is investigating environmental factors within the acute hospital setting - the natural, built, social (behaviour and language), and symbolic environments where people may receive bad news about their life-limiting illness. 
Masudus SaleehinProfessor Aziz RahmanMasudus' PhD is investigating smoking cessation among the migrant general practitioners in Victoria, 
Pritimoy DasProfessor Aziz RahmanPritimoy's PhD is investigating non-communicable diseases among migrants in Australia 
Parul ParulProfessor Aziz RahmanParul's PhD is investigating substance use disorders and psychological intervention 
Naima NimmiProfessor Aziz RahmanNaima's PhD is investigating gestational diabetes amongst migrant women in Australia 
Marufa HasinProfessor Aziz Rahman  
Shariq Ali KhanProfessor Aziz Rahman  
Lucy OsbornProfessor Georgina Willetts  
James NaismithProfessor Georgina WillettsJames Naismith's PhD Dissertation is titled Investigating the efficacy of replacing undergraduate nursing clinical placement hours in Australia with simulation hours 
Bekithemba SibandaProfessor Georgina WillettsBekthemba's PhD Dissertation: is titled The Role of Spirituality, Religion and culture on the Mental Health of African Australians: A Phenomenological Study 
Hayley ScottProfessor Carolyn Unsworth  
Jacqueline WheatcroftProfessor Carolyn Unsworth  
Bonnie WattsProfessor Carolyn Unsworth  
Beverley MartinAssociate Professor Blake Peck  
Haris AhmadAssociate Professor Blake Peck