Latrobe Health and Wellbeing Charter

Federation University Gippsland was contracted by Department of Health and Human Services in 2017 to co-design a Charter with the Latrobe Valley communities and organisations dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people who live, work and study in the area. The Charter supports the roles of the Latrobe Health Assembly and the Latrobe Health Advocate. CERG (formerly CEU) fully endorses the Charter and the shared values and principals it embeds with the Latrobe Valley community.

Latrobe Valley communities identified the core values of the charter as: Access, Innovation, Integrity, Inclusion, Collaboration and Equity.

Latrobe Health and Wellbeing Charter (PDF, 300kb)

Guiding principles

The Charter sets out nine guiding principles including:

  • Community-led
  • Try new approaches
  • Building trust
  • Fair and transparent
  • Improve the lives of everyone
  • Nurture collaboration and coordination
  • Co-design model

CERG is guided by these values and principals across all its work.