How students learn

Teaching does not automatically imply learning has occurred. Whilst there are a number of principles and strategies to create effective teaching practices, the most significant is understanding how students learn.

Effective teaching and subsequently effective learning, requires a consideration of how the process of how learning occurs: understanding the different styles of learning, the level and domain of the learning outcomes and other factors that influence learning. As a teacher, your practice needs to consider how you can provide a learning environment that maximises the likelihood of creating deeper understanding and application.

There are many theories of teaching and learning. The current movement towards more student-centred learning stems from the theories of constructivism and social constructivism. That is that students learn best when they are actively involved in their learning and creating their own meaning around a subject either individually or as a socially as a group. For a brief overview of the different learning theories and theorists see the Learning-Theories website.

Consider the following ideas on what, how and why students of all ages learn: