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Teaching practices

Providing quality teaching practices is more than just having field expertise and a passion to share information. It is providing a range of ways in which to engage students from all number of backgrounds to gain knowledge, perfect skills and apply that knowledge and skills to successfully undertake employment within industry and our community.

The following web pages provide academic teaching staff with a brief overview of some of the common approaches, strategies and resources to support quality teaching practices in higher education. These resources aim to assist and guide staff in becoming effective teachers that facilitate quality student learning experiences.

In a learner-centred approach, teaching practices can be divided into eight domains:

  • Learning – Understanding your learners and their needs
  • Assessment – Creating effective ways to demonstrate learning
  • Course Design – Designing an inclusive learning journey
  • Development – Building your learning space
  • Facilitation – Engaging f2f and online teaching practices
  • Feedback – Providing quality feedback for learning
  • Monitoring – Monitoring engagement in learning
  • Evaluation – Reviewing for future enhancements