Considerations for quality teaching practices

Quality teaching practices includes the provision of timely, constructive and meaningful feedback on all areas of learning.  Do you know the answer to the following?

Feedback and learning

  • Are there multiple avenues for providing feedback throughout your course as part of the learning process?

Principles of feedback

  • Does the feedback you provide address the principles of feedback?

Types of feedback

  • Do you provide formal, informal, formative and summative feedback opportunities?
  • Do you support student – peer feedback and student – self feedback opportunities?

Language of feedback

  • Are you providing feedback in an accessible language that students can relate too and use?

Quality feedback practices

  • Are you providing feedback that is timely, constructive and meaningful?

Delivering feedback

  • Are you utilising the best process or method for maximising student access and engagement with their feedback?

Marking and moderation

  • Are you complying with the University policy on moderation processes for marking student assessments?

Technologies to enhance assessment

  • Are you using the right technology to enhance the feedback practice for both students and teachers?