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Achieving the BOLD learning and teaching practices

The BOLD Learning and Teaching Practices provide clear guidelines to support teaching practices for different delivery/study modes, opportunities for self-assessment and reflection on current teaching practices, and opportunities for collaborative discussion with peers and learning designers to enhance online teaching practices.  The minimum course expectations for facilitating a quality learning journey to support student success are outline in Focus Area 02. View the BOLD Learning and Teaching Practices.

Focus Area 02 | Teacher presence and communication, facilitation and interaction

2.1 Contact details and availability of all course teaching team members clearly stated.

2.2 A course welcome/introduction is provided.

2.3 Expected learner query response times are clearly stated.

2.4 Online communication etiquette (netiquette) expectations are clearly stated

2.5 The strategy for using News Forum/Announcement (one way) posts is clearly stated.

2.6 News Forum/Announcement (one way) posts are made in accordance with the stated strategy.

2.7 Learners are provided with opportunities for collaboration and interactivity (ie: peer-peer, learner-teacher and teacher-learner).

  • Asynchronous communication, requiring teacher and learner interaction (ie: General (topic/module) and Q&A forum discussions).
  • Synchronous communication, requiring teacher and learner interaction (ie: Adobe Connect virtual classes and/or office hours).