Evaluation - Precontent

Reviewing for future enhancements

Evaluating and reviewing the student learning journey and the encompassing teaching practices are what enables future enhancements. utilising research, sharing our ideas for best practice and supporting each other in the process can improve student engagement and learning outcomes. The role of actively participating and accepting feedback is imperative in maintaining quality teaching standards.

Reviewing teaching practice can be done in four ways – through the ‘practice lens’ of discipline expertise and communities of practice; through the ‘self lens’ of undertaking reflective practice to nurture personal growth; through the ‘peer lens’ of participating in peer review processes; and finally the ‘student lens’ of asking the stakeholder for their view on the value of your teaching practice. Together they form a solid foundation of guiding individual staff, programs, schools and organisations to provide quality teaching practices and achieving quality learning outcomes.

The following web pages include information, approaches and strategies to support you in evaluating, reviewing and enhancing learning and teaching practices.