Considerations for quality teaching practices

Quality teaching practices includes the development or ‘building’ of your learning journey design.  Do you know the answer to the following?

Principles of a learning environment

  • Do provide a space for your students to work alone, in collaboration, to showcase and to reflect?

Structuring online spaces

  • Is your online learning environment easy to navigate and clearly signposted to access learning?

Structuring physical spaces

  • Is your physical learning spaces conducive to interactive, collaborative learning?

Quality development practices

  • Do you have the teaching skills to create your face-to-face learning activities?
  • Do you have the technology skills to create your online learning and teaching activities?

Developing learning content

  • Are accessing the online resources already available, or reinventing the wheel?
  • Are you creating learning resources that can be used repeatedly or for multiple situations?

Embedding academic resources

  • What student academic resources do you provide your students to support their success in learning?

Embedding academic supports

  • What student academic services or supports do you link your students with to support their success in learning?

Embedding student supports

  • How do you highlight and provide access to the student support services available to your students to support their success in learning?