Considerations for quality teaching practices

Quality teaching practices includes comprehensive planning and designing of an inclusive and engaging learning journey.  Do you know the answer to the following?

Designing for learning

  • Are designing for a learner-centred experience?

Principles of program design

  • Does your course design support the overall program design?

Principles of course design

  • Do your learning activities align with the course intended learning outcomes and assessment tasks?

Standards and frameworks

  • Does your learning activities, assessment and course learning activities meet the approved AQF standard?

Internationalisation of curriculum

  • Do you have a global approach to learning and teaching in your course design?
  • How do you accommodate the needs of international students in your course design?

Quality design practices

  • Do the ‘levels of learning’ in your course intended learning outcomes match the ‘level of learning’ you intend on teaching and assessing?

Transformation, not duplication

  • Are your online learning activities transformed to suit the delivery environment?

Designing for interaction with content

  • How do you embed cognitive presence throughout the learning journey?

Designing for interaction with peers

  • How do you embed social presence throughout the learning journey?

Designing for interaction with teachers

  • How do embed teacher presence throughout the learning journey?

Technologies for enhancing learning

  • Are you using the right technology to support student success in learning?