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Assessment -precontent

Creating effective ways to demonstrate learning

Assessment is the process of gathering and analysing of information or evidence in order to guide and make judgements about students' learning in relation to curriculum goals and/or competency standards. With a learner-centred approach to teaching, the assessment process recognises the benefits to students of making sense of, reflecting on and developing their own contributions to knowledge. Assessment should support student engagement in learning and the creation of supportive learning communities, and provide feedback through recognition of achievements against specified criteria.

Course Assessment Modification (Updated 7/4/2020)

**Note: Due to the exceptional circumstances experienced by the COVID-9 social distancing requirements, a Course Assessment Modification has been developed for Semester 1, 2020 only to enable approval for any changes to course outlines, for courses that have already commenced. This document describes the electronic process for instigating an assessment change that is beyond the current Course Outline.  Please read the information and process within the document carefully.

The following web pages include information, approaches and strategies to support you in understanding the assessment process, how you can accommodate the diverse ways in which students can demonstrate their learning, and what you can do as a teacher to enable a successful demonstration of student learning.