Critical incident 12/06/21
Gippsland Campus closed Friday 11 June Click here for more information.

Sessions offered

Scheduled each year for:

To support ongoing COVID-19 protocols, a fully online version has been created.  AIP is usually conducted over two days. A one day face to face workshop (seven hours) and then an online component (eight hours). The delivery of this special AIP online version for Semester 1 will be a mixture of synchronous (live online) and asynchronous (recorded) learning sessions.

The one day workshop has changed to include three synchronous parts and one asynchronous part.

These parts will occur during Monday 15 February - Friday 19 February and Monday 22nd March – Friday 26th March. The eight hour online component has not changed and can be complete within one month of the online workshop.

Note: Sessions will be limited to a maximum of 15 people and a minimum of 5 people. This is to ensure good interactions and engagement can occur.

If a particular session does not have the minimum number of people, it may be cancelled. Any impacted participants will be notified as soon as possible.

  • February - Two weeks prior to commencement of Semester 1 
    • AIP #1 February – Week of Monday 15th – Thursday 18th
  • March - Two weeks prior to commencement of Trimester 1 AND Teaching Week 4 of Semester 1 
    • AIP #2 March – Week of Monday 22nd – Friday 26th
  • June - Two weeks prior to commencement of Trimester 2 (BRI campus)
  • July - Two weeks prior to commencement of Semester 2 (MTH, BER, CHU & HSM campuses)
  • August - Teaching Week 4 for Semester 2 (MTH, BER & CHU campuses)
  • October - Two week prior to commencement of Trimester 3 (BRI campus)