'I Am Ready' Program

The ‘I Am Ready’ Program, part of the 'I Am Ready' partnerships between the Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) and the National Disability Coordination Officer Program, was an innovative approach to engaging secondary school students with learning barriers to think, plan and actively move towards employment or further education and training. The Program offered work readiness skills and opportunities for supported work experience. Based on best practice, it fostered self-direction and empowerment and challenged assumptions by talking the language of employability.

CERG Research Team

  • Associate Professor Joanne Porter (Lead)
  • Dr Michael Barbagallo
  • Jennifer Bur
  • Val Prokopiv
  • Michelle James

CERG evaluation

The aim of the evaluation was to ascertain the impact of the ‘I Am Ready’ Program on participating Year 10, 11 and 12 students' preparedness to seek future employment. The students were from various schools across the Gippsland region and were identified as having a mild intellectual or learning barrier to employment.

Key findings

The evaluation of the Program found that it is valuable and worthy of refinement for future delivery and continuation. It was identified that the Program filled a gap that currently exists in mainstream education whereby all students are provided with opportunities to learn the necessary skills required to successfully find employment or enrol in further education and training. The Program demonstrated the positive impact of a work readiness program for participants with learning barriers in the Gippsland region. Further research and evaluation are required to ascertain the long-term impact on the employability of the participants in the future; however, the immediate impact on the increased confidence levels of the participants is to be commended.

"On behalf of the 'I Am Ready' Partnership Team, we have all thoroughly enjoyed the experience & have appreciated the opportunity to learn a few new skills along the way. Thank you for the report, which will contribute to the findings we are providing to the Department of Social Services' Try Test & Learn program."

Download a copy of the 'I Am Ready' Summary Evaluation Report (PDF, 3.8MB)

Download a copy of the full 'I Am Ready' Evaluation Report (PDF, 2.2MB)