Award program: Graduate Certificate

Award programs are those programs delivered at a registered training organisation that align with the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF 2nd Edition 2013) and meet TEQSA requirements. The AQF (2nd edition), TEQSA Act and the Higher Education Standards Framework (Dec 2011), publications provide clear rationale, directives, objectives and information regarding governing and monitoring awards provided by self-accrediting institutions.

The Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP) currently offers one award program, the Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Education).

Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Education)

The Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Education) (GCETE) is a postgraduate program offered through the Centre for Learning, Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP). The GCETE is suited to both academic staff, and professional staff working directly within a tertiary learning and teaching capacity (for example, librarians, learning designers, learning skills advisers).
The purpose of this program is to provide participants with contemporary learning and teaching practices to complement the industry and/or research expertise they bring to the higher education setting. The intended learning outcomes of the GCETE are framed within the criteria of the Australian University Teaching Criteria and Standards Framework:

1. Design and planning of learning activities
2. Teaching and supporting student learning
3. Assessment and giving feedback to students on their learning
4. Developing effective learning environments, student support and guidance
5. Integration of scholarship, research and professional activities with teaching and in support of student learning
6. Evaluation of practice and continuing professional development
Learning opportunities within this program aim to foster tertiary educators who are:

  • Creative, innovative and evidenced-based in their approaches to teaching to maximise student learning and success in a range of contemporary learning environments;
  • Skilled in a range of techniques and technologies to acquire, express and exchange information and ideas with students and peers as a part of teaching and scholarship;
  • Enabling equity and accessibility for diverse learners in a global setting through social and cultural awareness;
  • Reflective, enquiry-based and undertake critically analysis of learning and teaching practices for the purpose of extending beyond current paradigms, as independent life-long learners; and promoting progressive leadership in the field of learning and teaching through sustainable scholarly practices.

The program recognises that participants work across a range of education sectors and engage with students from a variety of age groups and demographics, including low socio-economic. Consequently, course content and structure has sufficient flexibility to enable customisation to different cohorts of participants in order to address their specific teaching contexts. Participants will be encouraged and supported to ensure that their learning relates directly to their workplace and areas of speciality.  The design of the program has also been guided by the requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and is particularly suited to participants moving into higher education teaching.


  • Target group: Anyone with a bachelor's degree or equivalent, currently or wanting to teach in the tertiary sector
  • Delivery mode: Fully online. Four 15 credit point courses
  • Time allocation: Approximately 150 hours of learning per course. Courses are offered as a:
    • Standard cohort (across a standard 12 week semester)
    • Extended cohort (across 24 weeks)
    • Intensive cohort (across 6 weeks), depending upon sufficient enrolment numbers and staff availability.
  • Offered: EDGCT5007 & EDGCT5009 (Semester 1) and EDGCT5008 & EDGCT5010 (Semester 2)


Course Includes 
EDGCT5007 - Tertiary Teaching and Learning
Offered Semester 1 and summer semester

Tertiary learning and teaching paradigms
Constructive alignment
Dynamics of learning
Dynamics of assessment
Dynamics of teaching
Enhancing practice through review
EDGCT5008 - Professional Practice in Tertiary Teaching
Offered Semester 2 only

Online learning and teaching
Blended learning and teaching
Students as partners
Teachers as partners
Communities as partners
The bigger picture - Mapping and benchmarking
EDGCT5009 - Contemporary Issues in Tertiary Teaching
Offered Semester 1 only

Student engagement, retention and success
Student diversity and inclusiveness
Quality assessment practices
Teaching with impact
The learning, teaching, research nexus
Learning and teaching career progression
EDGCT5010 - Tertiary Teacher as a Researcher and Practitioner
Offered Semester 2 only

Introducing scholarship of learning and teaching (SoLT)
Using SoLT in learning and teaching practices
SoLT by research and SoLT by inquiry
SoLT project

Entry requirements

TK4 – Domestic Federation University teaching staff

To be eligible to enrol in this program, you must have completed a Bachelor's degree or possess equivalent experience, and be working full-time or part-time in an academic teaching role, or professional staff working directly within a tertiary learning and teaching capacity (for example, librarians, learning designers, learning skills advisers).  Tenured contract and sessional staff will have equal opportunity to enrol in the program for each semester of employment.  Participants who are eligible for Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) funding are EXEMPT from course fees for each semester they are employed with the university. For information on CSP eligibility, visit:¬myfees/csps/pages/commonwealth-supported-places.  Other fees include the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) at $150 - $215.

**Note: If you work at Federation University, but are not eligible to enrol in TK4 as per the above criteria, please contact Program Leader, Tulsa Andrews (ph: 5327 9654) to discuss completing courses in a non-award capacity.

TN4 – Domestic Partner Provider staff and other domestic applicants

To be eligible to enrol in this program, you must have completed a Bachelor's degree or possess equivalent experience, and preferably be working towards or in a teaching capacity at a tertiary education institution. Fees are subject to change annually. Domestic fees are per 120 credit points which represents 1 EFTSL or a standard full-time study load for a year.  Full Fee Paying – $9,900 for full program ($2,475 per course) annual tuition fee - commencing 2018. Other fees include the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) at $150 - $215.   As a full fee-paying student, you may be eligible to apply for the optional FEE-HELP to assist you to pay all or part of your tuition fees.  For information please visit:

Career opportunities

The tertiary education sector is increasingly recognising the need for assuring the quality of its learning and teaching practices. This program is recognised as a tertiary/higher education teaching qualification and highly desirable if currently working, or looking to work in the higher education sector.  Completion of the GCETE will enhance your career path in teaching and working within the tertiary education sector.


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Additional information

Contact Tulsa Andrews (Program Leader) via email or phone (03) 5327 9654 or download the GCETE flyer (pdf, 130kb)