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Get social!

At FedUni we encourage the use of social media - for advertising, collaborating, celebrating and chatting.

To ensure best-practice and legal compliance, staff are required to read the Social Media Policy and Social Media Procedure.

The Social Media Manual should be read in conjunction with the Policy and Procedure, as it offers platform specific information, and updated contact lists and forms.

If you have any further queries please email

Policy & Procedure

Posting Content on Social Media

To post on social media, please contact the Champion in your area (listed in the Social Media Manual).

If you do not have a Champion in your area, please complete one of the following forms:

Click here for an images cheat-sheet if you're unsure of what size and shape your images need to be.

Managing issues and moderating content

Make sure you know when and how to respond to concerning content, and when to escalate an issue.

Permission forms

You must ensure you have permission to take and publish photographs and/or video. The Digital Image release forms can be downloaded here, or release booklets are available from the Print Centre - to order submit a 'Speciality Job' request.

Application forms

As outlined in the Social Media Policy, approval to establish a social media account must be granted by the Social Media Committee.

To start this process please submit the New Account Application form.

Training videos

Training presentations

The below presentations were created by Roghan McKerlie and presented at FedUni.


Strategy Development

Before you embark on social media, you need to develop a solid strategy.

Please ensure you have read and understood the Policy & Procedure prior to implementing your strategy.

To assist you in the development please use this presentation:

Presentation supporting documents and templates: