The Value of Print

With the rapidly digitised world, is there still a place for print? Yes, absolutely!

The power of print is undeniable, and when combined with digital media targeting, you get the best of both worlds, and can produce higher conversion rates with your customers.

Printed material has a long history of strong results, and this hasn’t changed. Ensuring these products are cost-effective, readily available with fast turnaround and of high quality presents a professional image for your business.

But how do you know what products to use to make an impact? Printing your business material should never be something that is onerous or stressful, there are people available to help with that. Just like you know your business, printing is our business, and we know the products to recommend to ensure you always present your best self to your clients.

Research shows that although digital content is processed more quickly, printed content engages viewers for more time. Printed material produces a greater emotional response, and higher level of recall over time.

So if we haven’t convinced you yet, why should you trust Fedprint with your printing needs…

  • Print converts customers and builds trust–Anyone can put something on the internet, with fake advertising and misleading information contributing to a growing distrust of online sources. Providing your customers with something physical can increase trust and build relationships.
  • Support local – Federation University is proud to be part of the Ballarat community, supporting our students and local businesses to reach their full potential. Being local means we understand the local industries, and are available to meet with you to discuss your requirements and ensure expectations are met.
  • Fast turnaround you can rely on – depending on the job requirements and quantities, finished products can be available within 24 hours, giving you piece of mind that it will be delivered on-time, every-time.
  • People like promotional items – At Fedprint, we have a range of custom products available, including pens, drinkware, clothing and much more. Promotional items typically spend at least 6 months, often longer in someone’s home, giving you longer exposure. Bring your brand to life and make it memorable with a branded product.
  • Make your life easier! – What is bleed? Print marks? GSM? Let us talk you through the processes, to get you the best results

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