Place names at Federation

Over 20 people who have made significant contributions to the formation and development of the university were honoured in 2015 with the unveiling of new names of roads, drives and squares at the Mt Helen Campus.

Bickett Walk

James Bickett put forward a motion in 1869 to establish Australia's first School of Mines at Ballarat. That school attained an international reputation for well trained graduates well versed in practical applications while at the Ballarat School of Mines (SMB).

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Blizzard Drive

Peter Blizzard was a former sculpture lecturer and prominent Australian sculptor. Along with a large body of work in collections throughout Australia, Peter Blizzard is widely known for his Prisoners of War Memorial at Ballarat.

Coates Avenue

Sir Albert Coates, renowned Ballarat war surgeon. An Albert Coates Oration is an annual event at Federation University.

Corbould Drive

William Corbould, former Ballarat School of Mines student, prominent metallurgist and mining engineer. He left £6000 to the Ballarat School of Mines for a scholarship in honour of his old teacher Alfred Mica Smith.

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Trudinger Walk

Harold Trudinger, Head of Civil Engineering at the Ballarat School of Mines (SMB) 1951-1971.

Blainey Drive

Professor Geoffrey Blainey, historian and first Chancellor of University of Ballarat from 1994-1998.

Guerin Square and Julia Walk

Julia 'Bella' Guerin was the first woman to graduate from an Australian university and was a much-loved lecturer in University classes at the Ballarat School of Mines from 1887-90.

Mildren Drive

John Mildren, federal member for Ballarat 1980-90 and former head of Department of the School and Community at Ballarat College of Advanced Education.

Nemeth Steps

Jenny Nemeth, a former equal opportunity officer from 1987. Her role grew to cover EEO, Affirmative Action for Women, Study Equity, Disability Support and Indigenous Education. From January 1998 to May 1999, she was Executive Manager, Human Resources after the amalgamation with the Ballarat School of Mines (SMB) and Wimmera Institute of TAFE. From May 1999 -2001, Jenny Nemeth was the Manager: Professional Development and Performance Management.

Pinkerton Drive

Martha and her brother Frank Pinkerton, who left bequests to the university.

Arblaster Walk

Harry Arblaster, Principal of the Ballarat School of Mines (SMB) Campus 1959-1964.

Durant Drive

Married couple Heather (SMB librarian) and William Durant (Head of Physics).

Hillman Drive

Lindsay Hillman (1910-91), Ballarat School of Mines (SMB) student and later a lecturer in civil engineering and vice-president of SMB Council.

Jardine Drive

Lois Jardine, Ballarat School of Mines Chief Librarian in 1962.

Mainwaring Drive

Geoff Mainwaring, Official Australian War Artist 1942-47, head of the Ballarat School of Mines Art Department 1949-75.

Trevaskis Walk

Graham Trevaskis, former principal of State College of Victoria (Ballarat) and the last principal of the Ballarat Teachers' College (then known at State College of Victoria, Ballarat) on Gillies Street.

Mazumdar Drive

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, the university's only female brewing student in 1974 and now a major global pharmaceutical chief executive.

Rungkat Drive

Thelma Rungkat, head of the Department of Librarianship 1975.

Sharrock Walk

John Sharrock, appointed in 1972 as the university's first professional student counsellor.

Tippett Walk

Edgar Tippett, Ballarat School of Mines President from 1940-60.

Winkelman Walk

Dr John Winkelman, a philosophy professor from 1993-2003.