FedUni Learning and Teaching Standards

As a ‘teaching excellence’ university, the DVC Academic Portfolio is currently developing the Federation University (FedUni) Teaching and Learning Criteria, Standards and Guidelines as a tool to support building, sustaining and demonstrating teaching excellence. The purpose of these standards will be to support academic teaching staff with developing and demonstrating quality teaching environments and maximise student learning and engagement.

Since October 2017, key stakeholders from the Centre for Learning, Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP), have been working with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) to develop two key documents that align teaching and learning quality assurance with accountability, commitment and academic capability, relative to Blended Online Digital (BOLD) learning and teaching practices across the institution. Currently under development, they include:

  • Part A: Teaching Standards (1 page)

This document aims to demonstrate minimum standards that academic staff must achieve on an annual basis. This document will guide discussions between an academic and their line manager throughout the teaching cycle and the Performance Review Development Program (PRDP) process.

  • Part B: Academic Expectations Guidelines (2 pages/academic level)

This document aims to guide teaching and learning practice towards excellence and articulate academic expectations beyond those described in formal generic university documents (ie position descriptions, union collective agreement etc). The format and content of these guidelines has been adapted specifically for the FedUni context from key national references and aligns with university learning and teaching internal quality assurance processes.

For further information or updates on the progress of the FedUni Teaching and Learning Criteria, Standards and Guidelines, contact Associate Professor Nina Fotinatos (Director, CLIPP).

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