Mt Helen mailroom and mail delivery

Daily operational overview

Mailroom staff collect University mail daily from Australia Post Central Square and deliver it to the Mt Helen mailroom.

Central Records and Mailroom Services is responsible for:

  • Sorting and distributing all incoming mail.
  • Processing University outgoing mail, including Australia Post franking, DHL international and TOLL domestic courier consignments.
  • Mail delivery and collection to and from Mt Helen, SMB, Camp St and Gillies St.
  • Delivery of print material
  • Providing general information and advice on mail and courier services.
  • Managing University mail accounts.
  • Delivering outgoing mail to Australia Post depot.

Mt Helen mail run

Mail is delivered/collected daily to designated areas throughout the Mt Helen Campus. The mail run commences at 2 pm.  Mail satchels are to be ready for collection by 2 pm.

SMB mail run

Mail is delivered daily to SMB, Arts Academy and Gillies Street campuses. This run also incorporates Property and Infrastructure Mt Helen, Childcare Mt Helen, FedLiving Mt Helen and Technology Park Mt Helen. The run commences at approximately 9.00 am. Please ensure you have your mail satchel ready for collection.

Large/heavy parcels - manual handling

Parcels and large packages received that are deemed large or heavy will need to be collected from the Mt Helen mailroom. You will be advised by email if you have a parcel for collection.

The following link provides guidelines on recommended box/parcel maximum lifting weights - manual handling (docx,100kb)

Mailroom staff will not lift items which are outside the recommended weight limits.

Wimmera (Horsham), Gippsland (Churchill), Berwick and Brisbane internal mail

Mail to and from these campuses is either sent by Australia Post express post or TOLL Courier, depending on cost and urgency of delivery. If you require your item to be processed on the same day, please mark it as urgent.

Mail from the Gippsland Campus to Mt Helen is sent by courier three days per week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Mail room location

The Mt Helen mail room is located in Annexe A (between A and Y Buildings).

Outgoing mail

Large mail-outs

Please notify Central Records by emailing 24 hours in advance of large mail outs, to ensure sufficient resources are available for processing. Large mail outs are defined as:

  • Exceeding 300 in number of standard letters - DL business sized envelopes.
  • Exceeding 100 in number of large envelopes - A5 - C3 sized envelopes.

Key points for outgoing mail

  • When bundling mail, all envelopes are to be upright facing and around the right way ie: logo showing in the top left hand corner. Mail is processed in batches and this cannot be stopped once commenced. This ensures mail is franked in accordance with Australia Post requirements.
  • Local mail (3350 to 3358) is to be separated from other mail as it is processed at a reduced rate.
  • Letters must be sent in Federation University branded envelopes.
  • Parcels must contain the University return address.
  • International letters and parcels sent via DHL Courier need to have a contact name, contact telephone number and address. DHL will not deliver to Post Office boxes or Locked Bags.
  • Under no circumstances are University postage funds to be used for personal mail.

Addressing standards

The following link provides guidance on appropriate mail addressing standards - Australia Post addressing standards.

Correct and properly addressed mail will help ensure the professional image of the University is maintained.

Personal mail and parcels

Personal mail distribution is not the responsibility of the Mail Services team.

Personal mail received addressed to the University may be returned. This includes receipt of parcels. Mailroom staff will not sign for parcels/packages that are deemed to be of a personal nature.

We will post your personal letters (not parcels), but they must have appropriate stamps attached to the envelope.

Dangerous / hazardous mail

Any item of mail deemed hazardous or dangerous will not be accepted/or posted by mailroom staff.

Some substances cannot be posted for delivery within Australia or overseas. For instance, items that are explosive, highly flammable, radioactive or otherwise dangerous.  If you're not sure about your item, please read the Dangerous and Prohibited Goods and Packaging Post Guide (pdf, 3.1mb).

Reply Paid

Reply Paid is an Australia Post service for the delivery of response envelopes or cards to addresses within Australia.

Businesses can typically use Reply Paid with pre-printed bar-coded envelopes that are inserted into a direct mail campaign.

With Reply Paid you can:

  • use the service as a marketing tool, helping to encourage responses or provide a return service.
  • provide an incentive to respondents by offering an easy, postage free way to response in their own time.
  • save on costs by only paying for replies received.
  • measure responses to a campaign or mail out.

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