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Federation University Australia, using social media

What is social media? Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yammer, Twitter

But that's not all. Social media covers many other digital tools

(wide screen shot of many logos, example, Tumblr, Flickr, Ning, Skype)

Even email and SMS are social media tools.

We are connecting and communicating more often on Social Media.

This means that almost all of our staff and our students are using social media.

And we need to know how to use these tools safely.

The lines between our work, study and personal lives are blurring.

So to help…

There are Social Media Guidelines to protect you and the University, and these apply to how students and staff use online media.

It is staff and students' responsibility to read and understand these Guidelines.

So what can we and can't we do?

Personal use should not be excessive and interfere with your work or study.

When posting, remember your comments are public for all the world to see.

Treat comments that you make online as if you were making them at a public meeting.

Think what it would be like if they were on the front of the newspaper.

(Picture of newspaper with headline 'And believe us this has happened!')

This means…

Be polite

Don't spread rumours

Tell the truth

Respect privacy

Respect Copyright

Inappropriate remarks could damage the University's reputation, a colleague's reputation, another student's reputation, your own reputation.

Don't post inflammatory material

Don't post racist material

Don't post sexist material

Don't post offensive material

Don't pass on or like offensive material

Don't use inappropriate language

Don't mix personal or group messages

Don't upload inappropriate pictures, especially of others

If you see inappropriate material, let it stop with you

(Facebook screen with typing of unacceptable comment) Jamie is a fat loser!

(Response comment in Facebook) Staff and students are expected to treat each other with respect in the physical workplace and online.Bullying and harassment policies still apply

Remember privacy settings don't always protect.

Would you want your manager, staff or potential employer to see this?

(picture of male party-goer with wine glass)

What happens in Vegas stays on … Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Yammer

Would you say this to someone's face?

You are such a stupid…..

You can hurt others, you can damage their mental health,you can ruin your future employment prospects, you could lose your job or be suspended from University.

If it's clear who you work for, be clear your views are your own.

(Twitter account showing comment) David Walworth 'Views are my own'

Avoid perception of deception

This new piece of research is awesome! (Changes to) This new piece of my research is awesome!

Be clear and transparent

Using University logos or insignias may imply you are authorised to speak on behalf of the University.

You're probably not.

Don't discuss confidential or personal material, personal details, highly protected, classified, staff in confidence, legal advice,commercial in confidence.

In short, consider your tone, don't yell or shout in messages, be respectful and add value.

If you can't say it nicely, consider not saying it at all.

Protect privacy, respect the policies, and remember your professional and ethical responsibilities.

Always think before you post.

Let people know if things go wrong.

So get started today at and get to know your social media guidelines.

Federation University Australia

Thanks to the Department of Justice, Victoria for their original video which we have modified

Thanks also to the Victorian Equity Practitioners in Higher Education Australasia for developing the project and providing financial support. Vision licences under Creative Commons. Music CopyrightRJohnson/, used under license.

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