Registrar Services

Who we are

Registrar Services is responsible for:

  • Program administration
  • Student management system configuration
  • Verification of eligibility to graduate, completions and graduations
  • Central records and mailroom services
  • Providing business support to the  Student Administration and wider SEAS teams

What we do

Business Support

  • Coordinate system and business improvements through BAU and university projects within SEAS and Student Administration
  • Provide assistance and support within Student Administration and wider SEAS areas.

Program Management and Completions

  • Maintain accurate program, course and other enrolment information, such as locations, fees and enrolment periods in the student management system
  • Publication of program and course information on internal / external websites, Schedule 5.1 and University Registers
  • Approval and configuration of University Academic calendars
  • Verification of eligibility to be issued awards


  • Verification of qualifications
  • Testamur production
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • TAFE Awards for Excellence presentation

Central records and mailroom services

  • Provision of advice to Schools and Departments regarding archiving and disposal of corporate records
  • Lodgement and retrieval of archived boxes from offsite storage facility
  • Collection, sorting, processing and delivery of University mail

About the team

  • Manager, Registrar Services - Sharon Austin

Business Support

  • Coordinator, Business Support - David Ellis
  • Senior Program Administration Officer - Justin Rogers

Program management and completions

  • Coordinator, Program Administration - Allison Mitchell
  • Program Administration Officer - Leanne Storer
  • Program Administration Officer- Colleen Carrigg
  • Program Administration Officer - Shanelle Redwood


  • Graduations Coordinator - Jacqueline Coleman
  • Senior Graduations Officer - Elizabeth Wekerle

Central records and mailroom services

  • Coordinator Central Records and Mailroom Services - Leanne Edwards
  • Central Records and Mailroom Services Officer - Anne King
  • Central Records and Mailroom Services Officer - Tyson Nickels

Contact us

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