Ballarat School of Mines Students


This photograph shows a number of students and instructors of the Ballarat School of mines. They are thought to be in the Ballarat School of Mines Materia Medica Garden (System Garden) for either a botany, chemistry or materia medica lesson, or as part of the Ballarat Field Naturalists group. The person at the front wearing an apron is thought to be George Porter Day.

A number of names written on the back of the photograph match with names in the Ballarat School of Mines Annual Report 1897 and 1898. These are: Robert Allan; (Thomas E. or William T. ) Atherton; Percy Bailey, James A. Bass; Fred F. Bradford; William Brokenshire; Joseph Bryant; Cecil Eeles; Thomas Evans; William C. Gosman; John Hill; Edward P. Johnson; Duncan W. Kennedy; James Kidd; John W. Martin; Percy Osborne; J.A. Porter; Thomas Phillipson; Frank A. Steward; Robert G. Todd; Thomas A. Uthwatt

A number of names are not matched: - Bollin, Curry, Morey, Mann. Thompson

Ballarat School of Mines Students

Federation University Australia Historical Collection