John Middlin

Director of Mt Isa Mines
Ballarat School of Mines student

Ballarat School of Mines (SMB) has produced many distinguished leaders in the mining industry since its beginnings in 1870. John Middlin was a student of Ballarat High School before enrolling to study metallurgy at SMB. At the age of 19 he completed the four-year course in three years.

In 1947 John Middlin joined the Broken Hill Associated Smelters at Port Pirrie as a metallurgist in the research department. In 1956 he moved to Brisbane to join the Shell Company of Australia. Convinced he should return to Metallurgy John Middlin joined Mt Isa Mines Ltd in 1858 as a metallurgist in the lead smelter. In 1974 Middlin became production manager at Mt Isa. He was appointed general manager in 1876, and General Manager and Director in 1977.

Located in Church St Mount Isa, the John Middlin Mining Centre gives visitors to Mt Isa an overview of the history of mining in the region.

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This biography researched by Clare Gervasoni, June 2006.