Heather HATFIELD (-2006)

Quality Manager
Wimmera Institute of TAFE; University of Ballarat

Heather Hatfield was a member of staff at the Wimmera Institute of TAFE before it's amalgamation with the University of Ballarat (UB). As Quality Manager for the University she was instrumental in getting UB Quality Accredited.

Heather Hatfield was a great inspiration to many people at UB before her untimely death in 2006. At that time the Vice-Chancellor Kwong Lee Dow said: "Heather was an outstanding University leader, well known for her many contributions as Quality Manager, Chair of the Board of Technical Studies, Member of Council, member of numerous committees and active participant in countless University projects. Heather will be remembered for her balance, humour, dedication to continuous improvement and as an exemplar of University values. Her capability, insight and enthusiasm inspired all of us who worked with her. We appreciate Heather's significant and enduring contributions to our University."

This biography is currently being prepared by Clare Gervasoni, March 2007