George William CLEGG (1870-1958)


Born in Ballarat, George Clegg was articled to Tappin, Gilbert and Dennehy who had offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Ballarat, from 1885-1889. Clegg formed a partnership with Gilbert who ran the Ballarat Office and later with Kell and Miller. This eventually became Clegg and Miller, then Clegg Miller and Morrow, and finally Clegg and Morrow (1916).

From about 1907 up until his resignation in 1918 Clegg taught Architecture and Building Construction at the School of Mines, Ballarat. From 1918 he pursues interests in the Eureka Tile Co. Many examples of Clegg's work are to be found across Victoria but the main concentration of his work is in Ballarat and Melbourne. Clegg's Ballarat works include the Ballarat West Oval (Clegg & Miller), and, along with Harold Herbert Smith, he appears to have some association with the Arch of Victory. Clegg also designed St Andrew's Church, Daylesford (Clegg and Miller).

This biography written by Di Campbell, 15 November 2005, updated 21 February 2008