Albert Coates complex

In November and December 1971 contracts were signed for the construction of the Union building, library and student housing at Mt Helen. These buildings were occupied in 1973.

Early in 1978, the second stage of the Union building was completed. It included an enlargement of the dining and lounge areas in readiness for planned large scale transfers of students and staff from elsewhere. Extra accommodation for Student Union offices, and various college student services was also included.

In 1988 a contract was signed for extensions to the Union Building.

In September 2006, the building that had been known as the Union Building was named the Albert Coates Complex.

Albert Coates was born in Ballarat, and became one of Australia's leading surgeons and a pioneer in the field of neurosurgery. Captured by the Japanese during World War two, he became one of the hero-surgeons on the infamous Burma-Thai Railway. His life was one which embodied the values of FedUni: effort and excellence, service to one another and to our communities, promotion of diversity, purposeful change and learning throughout life. FedUni holds the annual 'Sir Albert Coates Oration' in collaboration with the Albert Coates Memorial Trust.


Mt Helen Campus, c1975. (Cat.No.5136)
The student residences are located in the lower left hand corner of this photograph. The walkway bridge leads to the Union building, which is to the left of the E.J. Barker Library.


Mt Helen Union Building with the Tree of Knowledge behind, 1973. (Cat.No.7139)


Mt Helen Campus (then Ballarat College of Advanced Education campus), 1986. (Cat.No.5807)


Mt Helen Union Building, including Stage Two additions, on the left hand side of the Tree of Knowledge, 1979. (Cat.No.7270.1)


North face of the Union Building, c1980. (Cat.No.7141.3)