School of Education

Pedagogy, Curriculum, Assessment and Learner Engagement (PeCALE)

The PeCALE research focus area seeks to understand curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and learner engagement within a variety of diverse formal educational contexts, as well as informal and community contexts. PeCALE researchers employ a multitude of research approaches and methodologies to explore the complex interrelationships between broad and specific curriculum contexts and approaches, quality of learning and teaching, assessment of learning, and impact on learning. These cover formal and informal educational settings and other contexts.

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The PeCALE convenor is Dr Anna Flectcher


Access detailed information and contact details for the researchers below:

Academic staff
Dr Barbara Chancellor
Associate Professor Dean Cooley
Heather Ernst
Dr Monica Green
Associate Professor Nicola F Johnson
Dr Hongming Ma
David Macdonald
Dr. Sharon McDonough
Dr. Peter Sellings
Dr Kathy Swinkels
Clare Williams
Chris Wines
HDR Students
Helen De Weerd
Sywia Wojtaszek