Dr Vidya Saikrishna - Research

Research publications/conferences


  1. Probabilistic Finite State Machines, in Applied Data Analytics – Principles and Application, River Publishers Series in Signal, Image and Speech Processing, May 2020.
  2. Improved Approximate Multiple-Pattern String Matching using Consecutive N-Grams, in International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), vol. 81, no. 1, pp 26-31, November 2013.
  3. Spam Filtering through Multiple Pattern Bit Parallel String Matching using Combined Shift AND & OR, in IJCA (International Journal of Computer Application), Vol 61, No 5, 2013.
  4. String Matching and its Applications in Diversified Fields, in IJCSI (International Journal of Computer Science Issues), Vol. 9, Issue 1, No 1, January 2012.
  5. Time Matching String-Matching Solution for Single and Multiple Pattern using Bit Parallelism, in IJCA (International Journal of Computer Application), Vol 46, No 6, May 2012.

Oral conference presentations

  1. MML Inference of Hierarchical Probabilistic Finite State Machine, In Proceedings of Cybersecurity and Cyberforensics Conference, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2019.
  2. Statistical Compression-Based Models for Text Classification, In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Eco-Friendly Computing and Communication Systems (ICECCS)}, pp 1-6, 2016.
  3. MML Inference of Finite State Automata for Probabilistic Spam Detection, In Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition (ICAPR), pp 1-6, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2015.