Twomey, Dara

Phone: (03) 53279062
Room: P921 Mt Helen Campus
Position: Dean, School of Science, Psychology and Sport
Discipline: Exercise and Sport Sciences


  • PhD University of New South Wales, 2006
  • BA (Hons) Physical Education and Mathematics: (UL, Ireland) 1992

Teaching areas

  • Biomechanics
  • Injury prevention

Professional associations

  • Sports Medicine Australia
  • Exercise and Sports Science Australia

Research interests

Dara’s research interests are primarily focused around aspects of sports biomechanics and sports injury prevention. She has extensive experience in the design, delivery and evaluation of sports injury prevention interventions. In more recent times, her research has been centred on the performance and safety aspects of sport surfaces. She developed standards for the use of artificial turf for various sports.  Her work in this area facilitates the combination of her biomechanical expertise and experience in sports injury prevention. Since the implementation of the standards, her focus has been on increasing our understanding of player-surface interactions to reduce injury risk, improving the lack of biofidelity of the testing equipment and enhancing our knowledge of the impact of climatic conditions on participation on artificial playing surfaces.

Publications (Past 5 years)

Refereed articles

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Published conference abstracts

Twomey, D. (2017)Improving sports injury prevention knowledge. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 20, Supplement 3, Page 70.

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Grants (last 5 years)

Twomey D. Player perceptions of Mill Park Lakes Reserve. Whittlesea City Council. 2018, $11,940.

Twomey D, Petrass L. Development of synthetic turf educational tool and cricket pitch standards. Australian Football League and Cricket Australia. 2017, $39,690.

Twomey D, Petrass L. Player perceptions and injures on synthetic turf. Australian Football League. 2015 and 2012, $36,054.

Twomey D, Petrass L. Effects of Synthetic turf components on heat of the surface. Tuff Turf Pty. 2013, $8,466.

Twomey D. Performance implications when wearing the POD ankle brace. POD Active Pty. 2013, $10,080.

Research higher degree (last 5 years)

Marlon Gonsalves, Doctor of Philosophy, Current. Investigating the role of sport surfaces in weather-related sports injuries.

Dulan Kodikara, Doctor of Philosophy, Current. Head, neck and facial injuries in Australian community cricket.

Angela McGlashan, Doctor of Philosophy, 2015. Factors influencing the uptake and maintenance of exercise training programs for preventing lower limb injuries.

Phillip Ford, Doctor of Philosophy, 2013. Development of strategies for consistent and acceptable football fields, in relation to hardness and traction.