Research aims and strategic plan


To increase research/scholarly impact

  • Recruit and retain innovative researchers to provide sustainable leadership.
  • Attract and mentor research students from local, national and international communities to engage in cutting-edge research.
  • Enhance and encourage a collegial, scholarly community, including across disciplines and organisations.

To develop greater policy impact

  • Collaborate with organisations regarding the benefit of incorporating research into policy development and implementation
  • Assist organisations to implement policy in practice and evaluate its outcomes.

To improve service impact

  • Develop and maintain collaborative partnerships that represent cross-institutional and multiple discipline teams.
  • Generate and disseminate research and scholarly endeavours to enable and support mobilisation of knowledge and evidence within practice settings.
  • Develop research programs that directly relate to health service requirements.
  • Develop creative and scholarly approaches to teaching and learning that support and enhance safe, high quality clinical practice.

These aims will be achieved through the strategies listed in the strategic action plan.