Florentine, Singarayer (A/Prof) - Research

Current research projects/students

Research projects

  • Restoration of arid woodlands
  • Investigation of the spread of native Acacia longifolia subsp longifolia species into native habitats SE Victoria: understanding the causes of, and management strategies for, this native invasive species
  • NSW - Managing Malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata) populations: Using aerial photography and fire age history

Honours students

PhD students

Consulting and other activities

Investigating tree death and decline (including from Mundulla Yellows) in South Australia (Coorong District and Tatiara Local Action Plan Committees).


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Professional memberships and associations

  • Member of Weed Society of Victoria
  • The Institute of Foresters Australia
  • Member of Institute of Biology United Kingdom (CBiol., M. I. Biol.)
  • Member of Ecological Society of Australia

Research interests

  • Restoration ecology and mine site rehabilitation
  • Weed invasion after natural disturbances
  • Interaction of fire, flooding and grazing

Other information

  • Advisory Group Member of Glenelg-Hopkins CMA
  • Advisory Group Member of Victorian Gorse Task Force