Mr Lance Lloyd (Hon)

Position Honorary Research Fellow, Water Research Network Mr Lance Lloyd 
Master of Science, University of Adelaide, 1987
Bachelor of Science, University of Adelaide, 1981
MAIBiol [Member, Australian Institute of Biology, 1989]
Phone 0412 007 997


Lance Lloyd has over 30 years practical experience across South East Australia, and recently in the Pacific Islands, in freshwater, estuarine, coastal and inland environments in ecology and management requirements. His key expertise is in relating the ecology of aquatic systems to the needs of management.

Lance established his consulting practice, Lloyd Environmental Pty Ltd in 1998 to provide quality services to the water and environment industries. Lloyd Environmental uses science and strategic planning to provide practical solutions to clients' aquatic ecosystem management issues.

In addition to his consulting work, Lance currently chairs the Victorian DEPI's Translocation Evaluation Panel, and the Great Australian Bight RAG (Australian Fisheries Management Authority; AFMA), and is a member of three other AFMA committees. This were all ministerial appointments based on Lance's fisheries science expertise.

Positions held

  • Principal Ecologist & Director, Lloyd Environmental Pty Ltd (1998 on)
  • Chair, Translocation Evaluation Panel, Fisheries Victoria, DPI (2004 on)
  • Chair, Great Australian Bight Resource Assessment Group, AFMA (2013 on)
  • Member, Great Australian Bight Management Advisory Committee, AFMA (2013 on)
  • Member, Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery RAG, AFMA (2013 on)

Professional affiliations

  • Australian Society of Fish Biology (Member, 1981 to present)
  • Australian Institute of Biology (Member since 1989; President, 2005 to present)
  • Australian Society for Limnology (Life Member, 1981 to present)
  • River Basin Management Society (Member, 1990 to present; President, 1999-2002) 

Selected publications

Lance Lloyd has established a substantial publication record with over 150 publications in local and international journals, books and management reports. Some examples of his publications are listed below.

  • Arthington, A.H. & L.N. Lloyd. 1989. Introduced Poeciliids in Australia and New Zealand. In: Meffe, G.K. & K.F. Snelson (Eds). Ecology and Evolution of Livebearing Fishes (Poeciliidae). Prentice Hall, New Jersey, USA.
  • Boulton, A.J. & L.N. Lloyd. 1991. Aquatic macroinvertebrate assemblages in floodplain habitats of the lower River Murray. Regulated Rivers, 6: 183-201.
  • Boulton, A.J. & L.N. Lloyd. 1992. Flooding frequency and invertebrate assemblages emerging from floodplain sediments at Chowilla, lower River Murray, SA. Regulated Rivers 7: 137-151.
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  • Lloyd, L.N. 1986. An alternative to insect control by "mosquitofish", Gambusia affinis. In: St. George, T.D., B.H. Kay & J. Blok, Arbovirus Research In Australia. Proceeding of the 4th Australian Arbovirus Symposium, Brisbane. 1986.
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  • Lloyd, L.N., Anderson, B.G., Cooling, M., Gippel, C.J., Pope, A.J. and Sherwood, J.E. 2012. Estuary Environmental Flows Assessment Methodology for Victoria. Lloyd Environmental Pty Ltd Report to the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Melbourne Water and Corangamite CMA, Colac, Victoria, Australia.
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  • Lloyd, L.N., Newall, P.R., Loffler, T. and Knight, C.D. (2008). Tullaroop Creek Flows Ecological Risk Assessment. Lloyd Environmental report to Central Highlands Water, Mt Waverley, Victoria.
  • Lloyd, L.N., Vietz, G.J. Newall, P.R. and Feehan, P. 2010. Environmental Guidelines Report: Guidelines for the operation of River Murray System storages, so as to examine and take into account any possible environmental, geomorphic, water quality, and cultural heritage effects associated with exercising the MDBA's powers or functions in regard to river operations. Lloyd Environmental Pty Ltd report to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, Syndal, Victoria. 30 September 2010.
  • Shirley, M., B. Abernethy, P. Close, L. Lloyd, R. Nathan, G. Quinn & B. Zampatti. (2002). A method for determining environmental water requirements in Victoria. Report to DNRE Melb., Vic.

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