Power System Dynamic Signature for Frequency Stability Studies

Project Title:

Power System Dynamic Signature for Frequency Stability Studies


Prof. Syed Islam and Dr. Rakibuzzaman Shah

Contact Person:

Dr. Rakibuzzaman Shah (m.shah@federation.edu.au)

Project Outline:

Converter based generations can potentially affect the dynamic responses of the system differently than the synchronous generators. The blackout in South Australia is a textbook example of the impact of low inertia and change of system dynamics due to the high penetration of renewable-based generations. Generally, the inertia in the large interconnected system is regarded as a global parameter for frequency stability studies. Based on recent studies, it is evident that the inertia in the interconnected system with high penetration of converter based generations is heterogeneous. Therefore, the precise identification of the frequency dynamic signature in an interconnected power system is sought.

This project will address the followings:

  1. The factors affecting the frequency dynamics of the system with high penetration of converter-based systems.
  1. Identification of the system dynamic signature with inertia heterogeneity.
  1. Fast frequency controller for a low inertia power system by considering inertia heterogeneity.

Available resources:

State of the art power and energy system analytical software (i.e. ETAP, DIgSILENT).