Enabling Active, Flexible and Efficient Remote Microgrid

Project Title:

Enabling Active, Flexible and Efficient Remote Microgrid


Prof. Syed Islam, Dr. Rakibuzzaman Shah and Associate Professor Jahangir Hossain

Contact Person:

Dr. Rakibuzzaman Shah (m.shah@federation.edu.au)

Project Outline:

Local generation in the form of solar photovoltaic systems is now standard in the Australian remote areas. Moreover, new power electronics-based loads and storages are also appearing in the system. These devices are fundamental building blocks for the future smart grid. Moreover, the Medium Voltage DC (MVDC) systems are anticipated to offer flexibility in next-generation distribution networks to enable higher renewable energy integration, benefit from more readily available energy storage, and manifest simpler control and operation. The intended outcome of this project to assess the techno-economic challenges of developing DC vs. AC microgrid in remote areas, from initial design, business model, right up to control and operation. This project will develop a data-driven novel and low-cost solution for such a micro-grid system.