Primary Care Clinic

We have adopted a unique approach to facilitate undergraduate nursing education with the development of a Primary Care Clinic (PCC). The development and growth of our PCC will extend our capacity to provide high-quality, primary health care placements to our Gippsland students which will enhance the relationship between education and contemporary clinical practice, as well as service wider community health needs.

Our PCC is a modern, independent establishment located at Latrobe Regional Hospital with private consultation/treatment rooms. The clinic operates Monday-Friday from 9am-4.30pm and during this period the students will be actively involved in primary care nursing with the support and supervision of qualified registered nurses and clinical nurse academics. Nursing students from years 1-4 rotate through the PCC as part of their clinical placement experience.

The PCC offers a range of free primary care services such as:

  • Physical health assessment
  • Performance of general health and preventative care measures
  • Cultural health management and support
  • Primary health education and
  • Multidisciplinary health referrals


The Primary Care Clinic is located on the grounds of the Latrobe Regional Hospital, Princess Highway, Traralgon in between the cafe and Monash Rural Health Building.