Services available

Psychological treatment

Our clinicians are trained in a variety of evidence-based psychological therapies and work with a wide range of client issues. Some of our clients seek short-term treatment in order to manage a difficult decision, stressful life situation or mild distress. Others benefit from a longer course of treatment in order to cope with ongoing psychological or interpersonal problems.

Formal psychological testing and assessment

We offer cognitive assessments for adults and children. This may include an intellectual and/or academic ability assessment. Such assessments aim to explore difficulties in the following areas – learning, memory, academic ability, concentration or attentional issues. These assessments include a clinical interview, testing, feedback to the client or family (and the school in some cases) and a comprehensive written report summarising and explaining the assessment results.

Consultation and community outreach

We welcome opportunities to work in collaboration with other agencies, and providing consultation or resources to the wider Ballarat community. We also provide educational outreach to the community, including presentations at local schools, community groups and agencies.

Group programs and workshops

We periodically deliver a range of group programs for the community on topics such as parenting and managing psychological well-being.

School Outreach Program

The School outreach program is a partnership between Federation Community Psychology Services and five schools in the Western region:

  • Phoenix College (P-12)
  • Woodman's Hill Secondary College (7-12)
  • Bacchus Marsh College (7-12).
  • Mt Rowan Secondary College (7-12)
  • Daylesford Secondary College (7-12)

Provisional Psychologists in this rotation will work onsite in a school one day per week. While working onsite, provisional psychologists will collaborate with the school welfare team to provide comprehensive clinical assessment and short-term psychological intervention. Provisional psychologists placed in schools will develop competence in clinical assessment using the HEADS assessment and will provide clinical intervention using the Brief Interventions for Youth Mental Health (CBT-oriented brief interventions targeting common presentations in adolescents).

Sons and Daughters of the West

The Sons and Daughters of the West (SOTW and DOTW) is an initiative of the Western Bulldogs Community outreach team in collaboration with Federation University and Victoria University. The program offers face-to-face group sessions at several locations across western Victoria. The program delivers across ten weekly sessions of 2 hours each. The SOTW focuses on men from late adolescence through to adults and the DOTW on late adolescent through to adult women.  The two hour sessions involve welfare staff from the Western Bulldogs, psychology interns and exercise science interns.. The session combines informative presentations with gentle exercise. Provisional psychologists involved in the SOTW and DOTW programs provide psycho-education and offer extra support for participants who present in a distressed state or initiate help-seeking. The program has evolved to an online delivery during COVID and provisional psychologists participating in this format have facilitated break-out groups and lead relaxation and mindfulness sessions.

Lucas Cricket Club

Federation Community Psychology Services has partnered with the Lucas Cricket Club to provide support to club members and their families. This outreach program includes delivery of psycho-educational and mental health literacy in a group format throughout the cricket season. Engagement with the club is designed to reach individuals who may be otherwise reluctant to seek help or unsure of how to access a psychologist.

Rural Health Connect

A new pilot with Rural Health Connect, supported by the Victorian Government. Providing a direct, free of charge, link to a provisional psychologist, without needing to see your GP for a mental health care plan. Provisional psychologists are students in their 5th and 6th years of study, who are gaining their final experience before registration. All provisional psychologists complete regular sessions with board approved supervisors .

This service is for children, adolescents and adults who are noticing signs that they may not be functioning at their best, as a method of early intervention. If you have a diagnosed mental illness please speak to your GP about what would be the best service for you. This pilot is for people in rural and regional Victoria only. Signs that you might not be functioning at your best include frequent feelings of sadness, trouble concentrating, feeling overwhelmed, problems with your work, family or social relationships. Areas of interest addressed via this service are anxiety, depression, street, anger, sleep problem, grief and loss.