Services available

Psychological treatment

Our clinicians are trained in a variety of evidence-based psychological therapies and work with a wide range of client issues. Some of our clients seek short-term treatment in order to manage a difficult decision, stressful life situation or mild distress. Others benefit from a longer course of treatment in order to cope with ongoing psychological or interpersonal problems.

Formal psychological testing and assessment

We offer cognitive assessments for adults and children. This may include an intellectual and/or academic ability assessment. Such assessments aim to explore difficulties in the following areas – learning, memory, academic ability, concentration or attentional issues. These assessments include a clinical interview, testing, feedback to the client or family (and the school in some cases) and a comprehensive written report summarising and explaining the assessment results.

Consultation and community outreach

We welcome opportunities to work in collaboration with other agencies, and providing consultation or resources to the wider Ballarat community. We also provide educational outreach to the community, including presentations at local schools, community groups and agencies.

Group programs and workshops

We periodically deliver a range of group programs for the community on topics such as parenting and managing psychological well-being.