Student representation on committees

Institute of Health and Wellbeing Student Board Member

Vacancies exist for two students - one postgraduate and one undergraduate – to be members of the Institute of Health and Wellbeing Board. We also have a position for one student on the Institute of Health and Wellbeing Learning and Teaching Committee.

This is an opportunity to take part in discussions and decisions which affect IHW students – and in some cases all Federation University students. The positions are held for two years and we have a minimum of six meetings per year.

If you or anyone you know would make a great student advocate or you'd like to learn more, I strongly encourage you to apply for this unique opportunity. You will learn valuable skills for life and play an important role in shaping the future of Federation University.

Committee application form (pdf, 232kb)

All applications must be submitted to by Tuesday 14 March 2023 (11:59pm) to the corresponding email address below:

Institute of Health and Wellbeing Board